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We are one of large scale liposome formulator and manufacturer for academic research labs, food, government labs, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in countries such as Canada, France, Switzerland, England, United States, Spain, and Germany. Contact us now!
Welcome to encapsula nanosciences
Custom Liposome Formulations for Research Laboratories in Academia and Industry...

If your research project requires a liposome formulation, but you do not have the necessary equipment or expertise in your lab, we can provide the liposomes to move your research forward.

Liposome Research and Development for Biotechnology...

If your company goals include initiating or continuing a product development project involving liposomes, we can assist with evaluating intellectual property, as well as planning and executing R&D projects involving liposome technology.

Liposome Manufacturing for Commercial Applications...

If you want to add liposomes to an existing product line or introduce liposomes as a new product line, we can manufacture food or cosmetic grade liposome batches to your specifications.

Encapsula NanoSciences is a liposome formulator and manufacturer and we provide services to academic research labs, government labs, pharmaceutical, food and nutraceutical companies.

Encapsula NanoSciences provides development solutions, contract research services and patent due diligence services. For more information send us an email at info@encapsula.com
Supplier of hundreds of liposome formulations for research laboratories in universities
Research and development services for new liposomal formulations
Large scale liposome manufacturer for food and nutraceutical companies
Patent due diligence services