Magnetic Liposomes

Liposome applications can be improved, if the liposomes can be detected or manipulated by magnetic forces. Using the magnetic forces the liposomes can either be dragged or deposited in a body region of interest, for example a tumor.

During liposome preparation molecules such as X-ray absorbers are entrapped inside the liposomes. This enables the application in cancer therapy by local radiation therapy. Magnetic liposomes entrapping the target for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and radiation therapy with Neutron capture NCT and photodynamic X-ray therapy PXT of cancer are prepared by three methods:

  1. Metal membrane liposomes: Me-DTPA-DMPE or Me -DTPA -StearylAmide, bearing the metal inside and outside.
  2. Metal core liposomes: (MexOy)n or metal-chelate (DTPA-Gd, -Fe, or cis-Pt).
  3. Metal shell liposomes: For biomedical applications the metal Me is Iron or Gadolinium: Fe-chelate, or Gd-chelate (DTPA-lipid).

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