Fluorescent Liposomes

A liposome made from a labeled lipid

Cell-cell and cell-liposome fusion, as well as membrane permeability and transport through gap junctions, can all be monitored using various types of fluorescent liposomes.

Fluorescent liposomes can be made from different fluorescent probes such as:

  • Fixable polar tracers
  • Lucifer yellow derivatives
  • Cascade blue and Alexa Fluor 405 derivatives
  • Non fixable polar tracers
  • Fluoescein derivatives
  • Sulforhodamines
  • Polysulfonated pyrenes
  • Lanthanide Chelates

For more information on fluorescent probes visit Invitrogen website: http://probes.invitrogen.com/handbook/sections/1403.html

Fluorescence Lipids: Liposomes can be made from various types of fluorescence lipids. The following is a list of the fluorescence lipids.

For more information on the properties and molecular structures of the fluorescence lipids visit Avanti Polar Lipids website: http://www.avantilipids.com/FluorescentProducts.html

Encapsula NanoSciences provides various formulations of fluorescent liposomes. For more information send us an email at info@encapsula.com

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